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    show new dashboard & set a parameter from another dashboard

    Alessandro Crippa


      I have a dashboard with a scatter plot, each dot in the scatter plot is a company.

      Image 56.png



      I also have a second dashboard, with both a single-company views (continuous line) and average behaviours across all companies (dotted lines)

      Image 60.png



      I'd like to create an action so that as I click on a company in the scatter plot on the first dashboard, the visualization changes to the second dashboard and the information on the chosen company is displayed.


      Is this possible, and if so how can I do it?




      in the second dashboard, I used the following trick to visualize single company info:

      The measures I show are:    


      sum([Information]*[singleCompanySelection]) -continuous line


      sum([Information]) -dotted line


      [singleCompanySelection] is a measure defined as:

      IF [company] = [Selected company]

          THEN 1





      and [Selected Company] is a parameter that allows me to chose a company from a drop-down menu.


      So I guess that to achieve my goal, I need to go to the new dashboard AND to choose the value of the parameter when clicking on a company in the scatter plot.

      I hope my explanation is clear enough..