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    Creating filters from aggregated data

    Greg Delemeester

      I have a data source that has aggregated data that I am unable to figure out how to transform to enable me to create filters.


      The attached workbook contains three Dimensions: Student Category, Unitid, and Year.

      The workbook has nine Measures of enrollment data for various demographic groupings (by race/gender).


      I would like to create worksheets that show enrollment data, but then be able to filter not only on Race and Gender, but also various elements of the Student Category Dimension (such as UG, GR, DS, NDS, Other, Transfer, Continuing, FirstTime).


      Any thoughts?

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          Justus Niemzok

          Hi Greg,


          I had a look at your file. You usually would try to split a field with multiple concatenated fields inside. But having a closer look it looks like the members of your Student Category are numeric values using Aliases to change there values. Therefore you can not split them out to individually filter on "All Students/ FT Students", "UG / GR" etc..


          I hope I understood your question correctly. Let me know if this helps you.


          Kind regards,




          Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 17.06.49.png

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            Greg Delemeester

            Hi Justus,


            Thanks for the quick response.  Yes, the Student Category measure (which I changed to a dimension) has numeric values for which I used aliases.  The data set has the student categories coded numerically and I simply put in my shorthand notation for the definitions as aliases.


            Is there any other work around...defining a new calculation, using parameters, etc?

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              Justus Niemzok

              Hi Greg,


              The only way I see this work is by using calculated fields. One example:


              New calculated field:

              [Student type] =


              CASE [Member]

                   WHEN 1 OR 2 OR 11 OR 12 OR 19 OR 20 OR 3 OR 4 OR 5

                   THEN "All Students"

                   WHEN 21 OR 22 OR 23 OR 24 OR 25 OR 31 OR 32 OR 39 OR 40

                   THEN "FT Students"

                   ELSE "PT Students"



              Putting this field on your filter shelf, should allow you filter by Student Types. You would need to repeat this obviously for all the fields you want to filter on.


              Let me know if this helps.


              Kind regards,



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