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    Resources consumed by Wed Editing

    Lazy Rambler



      A lot of our end users are asking for web editing being enabled(Right now, we do not let users use web editing).


      What are the pros and cons of this ? How much of server resources would this consume( this is a vague question) ? I tried to find any documentation regarding this, but couldn't




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          Jeff Strauss

          Tableau Server Processes


          I am thinking that the web editting is handled by the vizportal process, but Tableau engineers should be able to confirm.  And the load to this process should be relatively light, but it will call out to the vizql engine would could potentially generate some load depending on the depth of the data and viz.

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            Justin D'Cruze

            We have a number of projects where the sole purpose is for web authoring - pros and cons for us so far:



            - End users can create basic dashboards and explore data without needing Desktop

            - Server generally seems to handle it quite well in terms of stability and performance



            - Can result in very high CPU/Memory/IO (primarily VizQL and data engine processes) depending on data source size, number of concurrent requests, workbook complexity, etc. I'm not sure if web editing utilises any caching features.....could be wrong but based on my observations it seems to be thrown completely out the door

            - Your Tableau Server is in a way at the mercy of anyone that can edit, because they can pretty much throw any combination of queries (available within the data source) at the Server and then create the world's most awesome crosstab .For this reason Data source design/optimisation becomes much more important if you open up web editing

            - With web editing the next step for the user might be to save the authored dashboard somewhere. This opens up another can of worms in regards to Server permissions....

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              Lazy Rambler

              Thanks Justin.


              Very helpful answer. Right now, we are giving the web edit permissions only to a handful of users, who we fell know what they are doing. But, with so much demand, we have to see how to push this back, or better optmize the resources.