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    Is it possible to merge these 2 charts in one sheet?

    K P

      Hello all,

      I have 2 different charts in workbook as you can see in image.

      Both have same dimension in rows.

      I was wondering if I can merge them in one view together.

      I have uploaded the twbx file.

      Thank you.

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          Vincent Baumel

          It IS possible, though it takes a bit of formatting to get it just right. I've gotta give some credit to Bronson Shonk's Challenge Workbook https://public.tableau.com/profile/bshonk#!/vizhome/ChallengeWorkbook/ChallengeWorkbook and the "Crosstab with Sparklines" challenge in particular, under the Jedi category. Here's a basic rundown of how I got it working with your example:


          • Stay on Sheet 1 as the base for our viz
          • Bring Year onto the far right of the Columns shelf
          • Bring Currency to the Rows shelf and set the measure to Average
          • In the Marks card for AVG(On Topic), switch from Automatic to Bar
          • Switch from the Data pane to the Analytics pane, and drag a reference line into the viz (specifically on AVG(On topic) and Cell)
          • In the popup box under Formatting, select Fill Below, and choose the green color you are using. Hit Okay.
          • Still in the AVG(On topic) part of the Marks card, choose Color and set the transparency to 0%
          • Repeat these last 4 steps for the AVG(Off Topic) marks card as well (automatic -> bar, reference line on AVG(Off topic) and cell, formatting ->fill below, color transparency -> 0%)
          • Format the viz to remove all guide lines
          • On the Year part of the Marks card, click Label and deselect Show Marks. Then click Color and under Effects: Markers... choose the line with circle markers at the data points.
          • As a final formatting change, I right clicked the Y axis (Avg. Currency) and deselected Show Header



          This is how it turned out:




          I hope you can get it working too. Let me know if you do!

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            K P

            @Vincent Baumel


            This is amazing.

            This was exactly what I needed to achieve.

            Thank you so much.

            I really can not thank you enough.


            This is why I love these Forums.

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              K P


              Bronson Shonk's dashboard is very helpful. Thank you for the link.