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    Advanced Alert Not Working

    Angelo Canepa



      I generate an advanced alert with reference to a view called Alert 1. I'm configure the email with the next body, without attachments or footer.










      Obviously also fill subject, from and to.


      The view work with relative dates and a filter on the parameter that trigger the values. Actually the view is empty but the system still send the email. I only want to send the alert when the criteria is met. Attached is an image of the view.

      From here I have a doubt, the advanced alerts only can show one viz at the time?, for example if I want to mix an alert (with relatives dates and parameters) with other view that is statics and is not hide?.

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          Matt Coles

          What version of VizAlerts are you using? See "version_history.txt".


          If you are using v1.1.0 (and I assume you are), you can display as many viz images as you want in the email that is sent when your alert is triggered.


          A fundamental that you need to understand is that whatever sheet you subscribed to, that is considered your "trigger viz"--the one whose data will trigger the email to be sent when data is present. From there, VizAlerts will send emails exactly as you asked it to using the data present from the trigger viz. Any viz you asked it to render will be rendered and attached or embedded in the email, regardless of whether that viz is showing any data. There are no multiple-tier conditions in VizAlerts that would allow you do something like "If there's data in this viz AND data in that viz, send the email". It's all driven off the one trigger viz.


          However, you can make the content in your emails conditional based on data from the trigger viz itself. For example, if you had a calc in your trigger viz data called [Show Alert 1 Viz Image], you could change the Body to:










          IF [Show Alert 1 Viz Image] THEN '<br>VIZ_IMAGE(Workbook/Alert1)<br><br>'
          ELSE ''




          Does that make sense?

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            Angelo Canepa

            Yes, thanks makes a to of sense. But is there an "easy" way to now if a view have data?.

            I'm trying to make an if statement but I'm using percentage difference as a another calculated field and is difficult to replicate inside the if statement in the Email Body.

            Do you have encounter some similar problems?



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              Matt Coles

              No, there is no easy way to know if another viz besides the trigger viz has data as well, within the context of your VizAlert. The best I can offer is that you could find some way to blend the connection to the other viz you want to display to the main trigger viz data connection, and do it such that you could detect whether the viz you want to display would be showing data, then use that calc in your trigger viz to make the other viz conditional, like I showed above. Doing that might be a challenge, though...


              Why is it that you want to do this, exactly?

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                Angelo Canepa

                I have a view similar to this


                               Sources1 | Source 2 | Source 3


                Day 1

                Day 2

                Day 3


                And I'm counting the differences between days. Now I made a calculated field with this


                Lookup only maintains if the condition of the table maintain and if you select table (down).

                I do a basic filter of today for only showing the last day.

                So in some way the if statement has to have the today filter as well the parameter filter with the differences. (in %)

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                  Matt Coles

                  I guess I should have clarified...what I really want to know is, what's the specific need that you have that requires two sets of conditions for your alert? What's the business need that your alert meets? An example would be "I have salespeople that I need to email when new leads pop up in the territories that belong to them. But I also only want to send them email when those same leads have been qualified by our marketing software service, whose data lives in a completely separate database. When the email goes out to each salesperson, it should contain a viz of all the qualified leads in that salesperson's territory"

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                    Matt Coles

                    Hi Angelo. Were you able to figure this out?

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                      Angelo Canepa

                      Yes, I put an IF statement in email action for both alerts. I had to create a temporal "calendar" table on the fly to detect the empty days. The other alert was easier because it has a parameter that gives true or false very easily.



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                        Matt Coles

                        Great, thanks for following up!