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    Santiago Calvo



      I need help with some weights.

      I have to analyze each region separatedly and then by the whole country, weighted by the population of each region.

      The measures to be analyzed, will be amounts in percentage, not averages. The weights are fixed by region and I already have them. These weights work well when we measure in each region the whole sample, the problem arises me when it is separate by any variable or a filter is applied, as the weighting of the region should vary according to the size of the sample after applying the filter or perform the separation (eg if 40% of the country's population is from a region, their average weight is 0.4, if we separate by men and women this region may have 36% of the population of men and 44% of the population of women so we must use weights of 0.36 and 0.44 respectively in each panel) how can I make a weighting factor that gets  adjust when we apply filters and crossovers, and to turn to calculate percentages