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    Need help creating a trending chart

    Sreehari Katageri



      Would some one help to to get the below trend chart. Basically what i need is, 1 will have a radio button saying 1Month, 3Month, 1Year, 2Year, 5Year. In one single chart I should be able to get the trend for the choosen radio button. Below is the same example images. If you see the images, x-axis keep of changing based on the buttons clicked.Chart remains the same only the x-axis keep on changing based on some intervals.

      Choosing 1m:


      choosing 3m


      Choosing 6m:

      Choosing 1 year:

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          Tom W

          Hi Sreehari,

          Here's some helpful info to get you started;

          Trend Lines


          For the time buttons, you may be able to use Quick Filters i.e. https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/online/mac/en-us/help.html#qs_quickfilter_modes.html%3FTocPath%3DQuick%2520St…


          If that doesn't work for you though, you may need to look into using parameters instead -  https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/online/mac/en-us/help.html#parameters.html

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            Sreehari Katageri



            Thank you for the reply.


            My requirement is as follows. Suppose lets assume in my tableau there are two dashboard and in one dashboard I have two columns named "Country" and "City". Dashboard1 is Overview & Dashboard2 is Detail. If i click on city in Dashbaord1, it should take me to the detail of that city in Dashboard2. Now in actions i will set the select on City field. After doing this if I go to my Dashboard1 and I see that action displayed in Country Field and City Field. I should never see the action on Country, I should see that action only on City. However even if i click on Country i got to the detail but I should see the action working only on clicking the city.

            If you see below fig, There are two columns, and I see action displayed on both the columns, but actually i need to see action displayed on only one column.


            Fig1                                                                                                                    Fig2

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              Tom W

              I think you are misunderstanding how a dashboard action can be triggered.

              The 'Target Filters' section at the bottom of the actions dialog does not dictate when the 'Drill Through Detail' will be shown, it only dictates how the drill through action will filter. This, you will be able to click on any items within the row i.e. city or country and still see that filter. There's no way to limit it to say "show this only for the city column, not the country column"


              Also, this looks like it has absolutely nothing to do with your original question which was related to creating a trending chart. If you're changing the topic completely, please create a new thread so we can keep things in context. Thanks!