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    Split by colour on both Axis of a Duel-Axis?

    Jack Gallastegui

      Hi Community,


      I've been having a repeated issue across a number of my workbooks;

      How do you split by colour on both Axis of a Duel-Axis?


      On Axis 1, we have Sales as an area chart

      On Axis 2, we have Advertising spend as a bar chart


      I would like to be able to split Axis 1 by product using colour AND Axis 2 by channel using colour.


      I have been going to the individual tick marks and trying to split by these 2 variables (product and channel respectively) with little luck.


      All seems to work well on Axis 1, but Axis 2 will output '*' and not split by colour.


      Has anyone had this issue or know of a work around - it seems like an odd thing not to be able to do.