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    New Look Tableau Public - Filtering Problems -  Server Errors

    Justin Gleeson

      I have a large volume of content on Tableau Public. In the last week I've been having problems with my content. I'm getting Server errors such as; 'LogicException: Internal Error - An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed.'  This is occurring with workbooks that have been published and working for years, I haven't made any changes to them. The issue seems to arise when I toggle multiple value selection filters. The filter functionality is poor and generally causes the viz to crash. Anything new I publish the filter settings are not publishing correctly, selections will be different and features which I have disabled are now enabled.

      It looks to me that there have been changes made to the Tableau Public side.

      Has anyone else experienced any of these issues?

      I'm currently running the latest version of 9.3