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    Unable to view Full Data - Server 9.3.3

    Mark Fraser


      I have recently swapped the source data from local to a published data set

      I have recently upgraded to Server 9.3.3


      I believe (I'm not sure) that one of these 2 events has introduced a bug.



      Upon further investigation - it appears the issue is Extract specific.

      Anyone any ideas why I might get this error for a published extract?


      I am no longer able to view Full Data on Server.

      I can view the Summary, but not Full Data, i get this message

      This is affecting all sheets in the workbook.


      As mentioned the data source is published to Server, interestingly via Desktop I can view Full Data for teh same worksheet/ workbook/ source (although its called Underlying?! ), the issue appears to be Server only.Looking for advice, ideas or just sympathy