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    How to Track the list of Live connection based Workbooks and their Rendering times over a period of time

    Dinesh Prabu Viswanathan

      Hi Everyone,


      Good Morning.

      I have the below requirement.

      1. Dashboard to track the list of Live connection based reports - Site wise and their history information as well.

      I am not sure if this information is available in the PostgreSQL repository.
      Any help on this is much appreciated.

      On a yearly basis, we would like to see usage of live connection based reports and find out who is using Live connections actively.

      We would like to maintain the history information as well.


      Site NameReport NameType of ConnectionsWorkbook/Data SourceOwner Name
      Jan 2016XXXXXXXXXXData Sourceabcde
      Jan 2016
      Feb 2016
      Feb 2016
      Mar 2016
      Mar 2016