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    LOD query in EXASOL (OR clause in JOIN statement)

    Daniel Teo



      I have a question on the (EXASOL) query Tableau generates when writing a LOD calc, more specifically whether there is any way I can influence how Tableau writes its queries.


      I have a LOD calc (in Tableau 9.3.3) that looks something like this, which calculates the minimum date for each player profile. I use a Include/Exclude instead of Fixed because the minimum date is dependent on the dimensions in the viz or filters.


           {INCLUDE [Profile ID]: MIN(

           {EXCLUDE [Game End - Date (Dim)]: MIN(

           [Game End - Date]) })



      I then have a 2nd calculation to count the number of new users:


      COUNTD(IIF([Game End - Date] = [LOD calc], [Profile ID], NULL))


      So Tableau generates a subquery and joins it with the main fact table, which is what I want, except for the fact that Tableau adds an OR clause in the JOIN statement:


           INNER JOIN



             ) "t0"




      When I remove the OR clause and run the query in my SQL IDE, I get the results I want in about 3 seconds, but the query doesn’t finish (I killed it after 10 minutes) when I leave it in. So my question is: is there a way to tell Tableau not to add this OR clause?