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    Background Map Cut Off

    Jan Paulsen

      Hi all,


      I am having an issue with a background map. This is how the map looks like:



      The axis range is fixed (0 to 200 for x and y).


      When selecting only Europe, the map should zoom in like this:


      In order to do this, I have set the axis range to automatic and did not tick include null (sorry for the German screenshot):


      However, when I now select all continents, the map is cut off:


      So this is my dilemma:

      • - if I set the axis range to automatic, I can zoom in. But then the map is cut off when selecting all continents.
      • - If I set it to fixed, the map is not cut off when selecting all continents. However, this also disables the zoom in functionality


      How can this be addressed? Selecting always show entire image did not help either:


      Kind regards,