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    Comparing Static versus Time series Date.

    Steven Holden

      Hello everyone,


      I'm having trouble setting up a scatter plot.  I have attached a sheet that includes data for market value and cash flows for a bunch of countries on a monthly basis going back to January 2011.  I have set up 2 date parameters, start date and end date and would like to compare the market value as of the end date versus the cumulative sum of the cash flows between the start date and end date.


      I either set the date filter to End Date, in which case the cumulative cash flows figure is wrong, or I set the date filter to between start/end date in which case the market value figure is wrong.  I think perhaps the best solution is to create a calculated field that forces the market value to always look at the end date but I can't figure out how to do it.


      As always, your help is greatly appreciated.