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    Need advice on a dashboard comparing 2 growth calculations

    d Vermaak

      Hi everyone!


      My report compares two values:

      - The number of opened stores

      - The number of injuries.


      The goal is to try and figure out if the rate of injuries is growing faster than the rate of stores. I suppose another way of looking at is is to say, is the increase in injuries a result of the increase in stores, or are there just simply more injuries?


      I am pretty new with Tableau and visualizations like this in general, so I needing some help or advice in figuring out a way to display this in the best way.

      This is the basic data:

      My thinking is a simple year over year growth table calculation would likely be best?



      Although this doesn't really tell much of a story. Clearly Injury Growth is higher, but it doesn't really compare to Store Growth in a clear way, so it's hard to say which is growing more.


      Can anyone give me some pointers or advice in where to go? I'm attaching the workbook into this message. I have a number of different dashboards, that don't really say much, so I really need some help.


      Thank you everyone!