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    Embedded URL's Fail To Show

    Edward Moon-Little

      Hello guys,


      I would be really grateful is any of you could help me out with this.


      I had a nice dashboard uploaded and functioning properly with an embedded URL.Unfortunately I had to resize a box in the dashboard and re-upload it. Now the section of my Tableau is blank that formally hosted a URL. The URL will not show. So I tried a different URL, no luck. I tried Google as the URL. No luck.


      No URL's are showing now on my Tableau visual although they appear in the offline dashboard. I am uploading the dashboards to Tableau public and copying the HTML embed code to my own site. I have never had a previous problem with URLs so this is really puzzling! Below are the images. I am no Tableau pro but I have created plenty of simple dashboards and uploaded them and I have never had this problem before.






      Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 17.09.03.pngScreen Shot 2016-06-21 at 17.08.57.png