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    How to remove recurring (duplicate) associations on Tableau?

    Boroon Mahanta

      Hi - can someone please help me with a solution to this problem.


      I have a data sheet, where I am trying to aggregate the number of new users that join an organisation by month, and the number of IT Helpdesk tickets they create over a six month period, on the same sheet. I am able to do the second part of the calculation easily, but am having difficulty filtering out the user IDs for the first part of the query.


      For example:

      USER ID 1 joins the organisation in Oct-15, and created 4 tickets between Oct-15 and Apr-16, and USER ID 2 joins in the month of Dec-15, and has six tickets in the same time period. There are 4770 New Users in this time period with 21700 tickets. I want to be able to show the number of new users by month, and the total number of tickets these users raised in the period.


      This is probably simple to the forum, so pardon my ignorance, I am pretty new to Tableau. Any help will be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.