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    Selecting different dates, data points add-up

    Guillermo Cabrera

      Dear all,


      I'm very new to Tableau, run into an issue that I have tried to fix, but no luck. I read a few forums here, but can't find something that reply what I'm doing. BTW, I might be doing something wrong.


      Data set has an "as of date" that I used as a filter to select one or many dates. Another filter is a group by country/region and 3rd filter is each country (members of the previous group). Columns are calculation field of a maturity year to eliminate nulls and place a data value - DATE(IFNULL([Maturitydate],DATEADD('year',[Remainingtenorsyears],[Asofdt]))), on the rows I added the yield measure, automatically goes SUM(Yield). I dropped the Name of the country as color mark and yield in the label. Here come my problems.


      1.- If I leave yield as a measure sum, the graph line is fine. When I select a second date (As Of Date) from the filter, the yields sum up same line. It do not make a difference. Usually date for the data point is the same.

      2.- If I change in the mask, the yield filed to dimension, the line char disappear and oly dots are available, but if I select now another as of date in the filter, then I get the second curve to compare with no adding the yield (SUM)


      This should be simple, and I think I'm just not seeing it.


      Also, I have issues with the parameters since when I deselect a group in the Country/Region, the countries members of those groups do not change (unlock) from the third filters of countries.


      Any help is appreciated.