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    Automate pdf generation using tabcmd/Javascript API

    AJ AJ

      I have a requirement to Bulk Distribution a dashboard in PDF Format based on individual Group/user.


      Please share if this is possible in tableau or if this needs to be done by any 3rd party tool.

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          AJ AJ

          Hi My requirement is to get PDF generated from a single dashboard and distribute it to individual users. the PDF should be generated based on the user privileges but we don't have any filter of who the user is. Is there a way that i can achieve this in any way.


          Initially i have though of tabcmd but it would only generate a single pdf and only the admin can do it , so it is only a single PDFout of the dashboard with all the data, but my requirement is to get different PDF outputs for individual uses based on there data permissions/ privileges.


          I believe subscription can only be done interactively by individual users but an admin cant do it if i am not wrong.


          After the pdf are generated i want to distributed to individual users via Email.


          Please share your thoughts and any ideas on this.