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    Is it possible to synchronise and axis across 3 graphs that are using different measures and are on different worksheets?

    Lucy Jones



      I am hoping that you can help me. I have created 3 graphs, one of these is a waterfall showing sales (measure) by category (dimension), the next graph is one bar showing the gap to target (calc created using 2 datasources - measure) and the third graph is another bar showing target (measure from different data source). Basically I am trying to create a waterfall graph that has the sales split by category, followed by the gap between total sales and target followed by the target. At the moment I have done this using 3 graphs, each one is on a different worksheet. Is there anyway I can synchronise these so that the graphs behave as one when a filter is applied or even better create one graph?


      I will work on some dummy data as I cannot share the data I have, in the meantime however if you can let me know if this is possible then I would be very grateful.


      Many thanks