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    Polygon for Tableau




      I need to convert tableau polygon from spatial files. ( Files is attached below)

      Previously i have used this utility for conversion, But now this is not working.

      "Alteryx Analytics Gallery




      please help.



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          Matt Lutton

          Hi there,


          Can you explain a bit more about the problem you are having?  I am trying to understand what it is you are trying to do exactly, but I would need a bit more info to be helpful.


          What exactly is the problem you are facing? (the more detail here, the better )

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            Hi Matt,


            I need to create Polygon in Tableau based on this attached data ( This having some file with".shp" and other extension).


            So creating polygon based on this data i need to convert , Previously i have used above mention link and successfully created Polygon in tableau.

            But now i am not able to convert this data set to tableau readable format to create tableau MAPS.



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              Matt Lutton

              Alright -- do you know why the above mentioned link stopped working for you, by any chance?


              Being a third party tool, its unlikely you'll find direct support for the issue here -- as an alternative, you might want to look at this other 3rd party option, which converts shape files into polygons for use with Tableau.  Its a monster thread, but with enough study/diligence, you can certainly figure it out:  Grow your own Filled Maps