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    Creating Dynamic Bins with a Toggle to switch between them.

    Mayank Mamgain


      I have been trying to create Dynamic Bins for my Chart. I am using the Tableau function where you can create a Bin from a field.

      1. I have created a Parameter each for the user to Select the Minimum value([Pmin]) and for the maximum value([Pmax]).

      2. Created a Parameter to select the [Size of Bin].

      3. Created a calculated field named CalculatedMyField, MyField>Pmin and MyField<Pmax then MyField.

      4. Using tableau's create Bin option on Calculated MyField, and seting the Bin Size to the Parameter [Size of Bin].


      This works for me, but I wanted to Provide the user a Toggle to switch between the Bins. Say Bin1 and Bin2.

      But since I am using Tableau's option to create bin i cannot use this Bin in a calculated field,hence i cannot provide the Toggle.


      Is there any other better way, where the user can choose:

      1. Min of Bin

      2. Max of Bin

      3. Size of Bins

      4. Toggle on Bin.(Bin1 and Bin2)


      Please provide suggestions,this would really help me  since the Toggle on Bins is critical for my analysis. I have attached a sample of what I have done.