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    I need help creating a dashboard that would allow inputs

    lawer akrofi

      I am trying create a overage fee calculator that would let my firm compute how overage fee a subscriber will incur based on inputs such as the Quota used and the Total number of subscribers. I'll like to filter based on Plans users are subscribed to as well.

      We usually do this in excel ( find attached) but we're now moving over to tableau and experimenting with this. I have recreated the data like I have in excel but when it comes to the dashboard I have difficulty translating this to allow a user to for example input a quota to see how much overage fee would be incurred or  based on the sub count per month or at a particular point in time see how the overage fees change.

      I can use all the help I get on this to create a concept for a dashboard. I'll appreciate any help or suggestion. The raw data is on Sheet 3.