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    Action Filter for particular value

    Swarup K

      Hi All,


      I have a dimension field with A,B,C,D value, scenario is if i click on value 'A' then action filter should work for other it should'nt. Need help.





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          Michael Hesser

          Hello Swarup;

          Can you provide us with a sample .twbx?

          There are many reasons why this functionality might not be working as you expect, however without seeing a sample file it is difficult to diagnose the exact issue.

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            John Sobczak

            If your current action is not working as expected then it's hard to say without seeing how the view/sheet is set up via level of detail   If your action filter is defined as "using all fields" (which generally works most of the time) then you might try changing it to a targeted action filter for only that dimension.

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              Swarup K

              Thanks for the response guys. I cannot publish the original workbook due to policies so attaching a sample workbook.


              If i click on furniture in dashboard 1 it should navigate to dashboard 2, if i click office supplies or technology it should remain in the same dashboard.




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                John Sobczak

                I don't think that is possible using actions.  Actions are defined entirely from a source sheet to a target sheet.  You cannot have a conditional target sheet or dashboard in your action based on dimension value.

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                  Michael Hesser

                  Hi Swarup....


                  In the example you provided do you want it to function this way:

                  When user selects a category on Dashboard 1, Dashboard 2 shows detail specific to that category?


                  If so, this worked for me:


                  I deleted Filter 1 because it didn't appear to do anything. Please let me know if this works!

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                    Joe Oppelt

                    As far as I can tell, you can't make different values or conditions jump to different dashboards, ...




                    You can make different things on the SAME dashboard pop out and cover the existing containers, and as far as the user is concerned, he went to a new dashboard.

                    In this very simple example (see attached, version 9.0 workbook) I make different things pop out based on which value was selected.  Select value = 1, and you see a text box pop out.  Select 2, and a different text box pops out.  Etc.




                    Any object can be popped out, including a whole container (or containers within containers, etc.) designed to look like an entirely new dashboard.


                    If this will satisfy your needs, I can work with you to implement this.

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                      Swarup K

                      Thanks Mike, Joe and John for trying.  I got a workaround for my requirement, just placing a blank field on the values on the dashboard. But there are few limitations with this approach, it will work for static data and for small amount of data.

                      Attaching the Twbx for reference.

                      In the attached workbook action will work only if you click on East region for rest other it will remain in the same sheet only.