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    Blended Data and Marketing ROI

    Peter Hanges

      Hi all,


      I'm doing a test of Tableau for my organization to see if we can move our marketing reports off of Excel.  I'm relatively new to the software, and am stuck on calculating ROI. 


      I have two datasets: One with all of our campaign data (Leads, Opportunities, etc.) sorted by date and another simple spreadsheet with our marketing spend by quarter.  What I've done so far is calculate the campaign data over time (Which is great, was easy), but what I want to do is calculate how much we're spending for each Lead, Opportunity, etc. 


      For example, the question I want to be able to answer is: In Q1 2015 we had 4181 Leads.  In the same time period, we spent $125,740 on marketing.  In a table, how do I divide the $125,740 by the 4181 so that I can understand our Cost Per Lead?


      Thanks for any help!

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          Vincent Baumel

          It looks like the field the two data sets share in common is the Date field. If you need to keep the data sources separate, you could use the Data Source tab at the bottom to create a join based on this field. This is how I set up and walked through it:


          1. Created excel spreadsheet with two tabs, one for marketing spend and one for campaign data. Matched the formatting to the .png files you showed.
          2. Opened Tableau and connected to the Excel file. Brought Campaign Data out to the "Drag sheets here" area to check formatting. Noticed the table has date in columns rather than rows, so I selected those columns, right clicked and chose Pivot. Renamed the new column Date.
          3. Brought Marketing Spend out to the right of Campaign Data, and chose Date in the dropdown menu under "Data Source" and Date1 under "Marketing Spend". Now our spreadsheets are joined!
          4. I named the column with Lead, SAL, and SQL "Leads" for lack of a better term
          5. Moving over to Sheet 1, I brought Date1 onto the Rows shelf, and Leads onto the Columns Shelf
          6. I dragged Marketing Spend onto the Text button, followed by Pivot Field Values onto the Text button. This visually gave me what my calculation would look like.
          7. I clicked Analysis -> Create Calculated Field, and wrote a calculation that I named Cost Per Lead. The calculation looked like this: SUM( [Marketing Spend] ) / SUM( [Pivot Field Values] )
          8. I dragged this new measure onto the Text button, which displays the Cost Per Lead right where I want to see it - directly underneath the Lead counts.


          This solution could vary depending on your exact data, but I'll attach a couple images so that you can see how it came together. I hope that helps!



          Marketing ROI data.PNG

          Marketing ROI Table.PNG

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            Peter Hanges

            Hi Vincent!


            Thank you so much for the very detailed response.  I'm going to try it out this afternoon/tomorrow and will let you know if I have any questions! Really appreciate it.