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    How to apply action on only one column?

    Sreehari Katageri



      I need to drill through from overview to detail. That is from one dashboard to another dashboard within the workbook. For that I used Action Filter, but in which ever column of a row I click it is taking me to detail. Suppose there are 10 columns and if i click only on 5th column i should get drill through. If i click on other column i should not get drill through option. Could any one help me on this please ASAP.

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          Joe Oppelt

          Sreehari -- I branched your update in another thread to its own thread.  This is a question that deserves its own thread so that more people see it and contribute.


          As far as I know, filter actions apply to all marks on a sheet.  I have some "hackey" ideas about how you can achieve what you are looking for, but I'm hoping someone has some bright ideas here.

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            Sreehari Katageri



            Thank you for the reply.


            My requirement is as follows. Suppose lets assume in my tableau there are two dashboard and in one dashboard I have two columns named "Country" and "City". Dashboard1 is Overview & Dashboard2 is Detail. If i click on city in Dashbaord1, it should take me to the detail of that city in Dashboard2. Now in actions i will set the select on City field. After doing this if I go to my Dashboard1 and I see that action displayed in Country Field and City Field. I should never see the action on Country, I should see that action only on City. However even if i click on Country i got to the detail but I should see the action working only on clicking the city.

            If you see below fig, There are two columns, and I see action displayed on both the columns, but actually i need to see action displayed on only one column.


            Fig1                                                                                                                    Fig2

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              Joe Oppelt

              Tableau does actions on a sheet-by-sheet basis.  You can't assign an action only to a specific column.


              I didn't think anyone else had a better idea.


              I can't tell much at all from the screen shots you provided.  EVERYTHING is scratched out, so I can't tell what is a city column and what is a country column.


              Question:  Do you need to see tooltips at all on the country column?  Is there any reason at all for the user to click on country?  You can prevent them from clicking on Country entirely if that is a solution.


              Next question:  Are Fig1 and Fig2 separate sheets?  They look different to me.  But again, everything is scratched out, so I really cannot tell.


              Consider anonymizing your data and pare down your sheet only to demonstrate the behavior, and then upload a packaged workbook.  We can look at some options together that way.  Follow the steps demonstrated in this video:


              Anonymize your Tableau Package Data for Sharing