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    Data Blend - Nulls:  help needed

    Dario Restrepo

      Hello everyone,


      Would like to see if someone can help me out.  I'm trying to learn a little more about data blending and in my test case I am getting null values for field names (countries) between the two sample data sets I am using.  I have attached the TWBX for anyone who wants to try and see why I am getting these nulls  (see Sheet 2).  What has me confused is that between both data sets, the country names are the same and even the dimension field is the same.



      Also, can anyone tell me what is the best practice in Tableau when trying to data blend manually adjusted Data.  Our data from our SQL server has known issues where we know that the data is not correct.  (ideally this should be fixed but at the moment that isn't an option for us).  So what we normally do in our office is have an excel with manually adjusted figures.  What I am trying to accomplish is to blend the data so that I can OVERRIDE the data we pull in from our servers and use the adjusted figures when necessary within Tableau.


      Can anyone tell me if they have experience with this and what is the best solution?  This may be obvious to others but I'm still fairly new with Tableau and I'm not sure what is the correct way to proceed.


      THANK YOU ALL WHO CAN OFFER any solution and guidance.