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    Built-in Grouping vs. Calculated Grouping

    Stephen Jay

      Is there any performance benefit in using "Create Group" in Tableau vs. creating a calculated field that would group records in the same way? Is there any meaningful difference between the two?

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          Dmitry Chirkov

          Do you mean a calculated field that looks like a big IF/CASE statement?

          If yes then Tableau's group in some cases will be faster since it goes though tailored code path for group and set handling (similar to filter handling).


          For smaller cases (<10 members) you will probably not notice any differences (unless you are dealing with millions of rows of data) but in general Tableau has some tricks to make more optimized queries.


          I would suggest only switching to handwritten groups only when you need more flexibility as to how those are defined (i.e group name is calculated via some condition).