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    Create a filled map using state or City or even GPS data

    Yang Xu

      Hi, I am trying to create a filled map using the data set attached. But can not see anything



      I use state name and follow the step using this video but does not work. 

      Tableau Mapping - Create a Filled Map with Filters - YouTube


      1. could I know what I did wrong and how can I fix that

      2. could I get the sample set data from this video? And how can I download them for practice?


      3. I will get more detail location data --Say GPS data for the cell phones in a specific city --say London.

      How could I use those GPS data to creat a filled map--or a heat map showing, where is the most crowded place people to use the cell phone 


      4. could I combine time and GPS data together to map out *what time during the day(discrete in hour) and at what location (only across London)* is has most number of phone call.   

      If so how could I performance that. Could I get any sample data demo for that please? (I can not provide my data set but, if you have any sample sales data with geolocation and sale time,that will be the same)