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    How to combine sheets or create sumif function that works

    Courtney Cecelia

      Hello Everyone! Pardon me, I am new to this and looking for some direction on how to accomplish what I need. I am trying to create a sumif function and it's just not working the way I need it to. It breaks the field up into separate rows (shown on sheet 3) and really all I want it to do is to basically combine what I have in sheet 1 and 2 of the attached example. So it would list "Mood" then next to it have the status of M, C, A, and N with the count or sum of occurrences so for Crazy it would show 1 for M, 1 for C, 2 for N, and 0 or blank for A. Then from there is would list out the dates and then the status for each date. I don't want to use a dashboard, because I don't want to see the Mood field on both, I just need that showing one time.