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    Another date comparison question

    Patrik Berg

      I want to compare qty from a date with a date -364 days ago.

      Actually I want the user to choose -364, -365 or -366 that will be the offset for the comparison date.


      Check my workbook, works well with a lookup formula using the offset parameter. (there are only records from 2015-01-01, so comparison qty starts at date year 2016)


      My problem is that I want the user to choose what Month of Date to show.

      And when I filter the list of dates, of course my lookup formula wont work because there are no values 364 rows up.


      So, how to only show one month and keep all the comparison dates and qty?

      NB! I don't need this i two tables. It should be in one table.


      TNX in advance!




      Patrik Berg