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    Getting categorical-filter 500 () error while selecting filter values to pass to the embedded tableau Viz but same working for another filter, reason?

    Nikunj Bhardava

      I have embedded tableau Viz in webpage that has two multi-select drop-down filters. i.e location and year(date). Multi select Location filter works fine and also Year(date) somewhat, below is the scenario in which i am getting error for Year(date) filter.


      Case : Initially All the Year(date) is selected and Viz also shows all the data for all the years. when i dis-select all then viz contains no data. upto this all works fine.

      but now when i select 'All' once again Viz is not showing anything and giving error in console. while if i select items one by one like first 2011 then 2012 then it is working but it is not showing any data if i select 'All' option



      POST https://public.tableau.com/vizql/w/Book1_5206/v/Selection_demo/sessions/C928C5BAF64842F58B710F69EF93D508-0:0/commands/tabdoc/categorical-filter 500 ()


      I have attached html page in which i am trying to implement multi select filter.


      Any help will highly appreciated!


      Thanks, Nikunj