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    Tableau Format Changing Underlying Values on Export (Bug?)

    John Adubufuor



      I found some unexpected behavior when exporting values that have been formatted in Tableau.

      In short the format is changing the underlying values on export rather then just changing the way it is displayed in Tableau.


      I've attached a packaged workbook that demonstrates this by using a single amount field, duplicating it, and applying a custom format to one of them that is meant to display rounded in thousands. If you export the underlying data the erroneous result is obvious.


      This is concerning as it implies I cannot format data that is going to be exported and used in calculations without risk of changing the actual underlying values.

      This goes against my understanding of why formats exist in any app.


      Values: are used in calculations

      Formula: are a way to create new values

      Formats: simply display values as we'd like to see them.


      Any help in achieving my end goal of displaying in thousands without changing exported underlying values would be appreciated.

      I'm also interested if you consider this a bug.


      I look forward to discussion

      Thanks in advance




      Screenshot of 1st 5 rows of Raw Source Data (NOTE: No formatting has been applied here. 2nd column is just to show what the custom format will be)


      Screenshot of Tableau Displaying Both Raw and Custom Format (as Expected)


      Screenshot of Tableau Export Summary (SUM Matches as Expected)


      Screenshot of Tableau Export Underlying (Here is where the problem starts)





      Screenshot of 1of 5 rows of Exported Underlying Data with SUM of each column.

      ISSUE: Sum of formatted <> Sum of Raw (it's not just formatted differently, it's a different number altogether).