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    denominator value changing for different time periods

    Sunil Pandey

      Hi All,


      I have been facing this challenge where in the denominator value remains constant for a particular time period, however should change when the time period changes.


      05.12.15HEALTHIER BISCUITS2 =2/2 =2/5
      05.12.15FIBRE ONE5 =5/2 =5/5
      05.12.15Chocolate Fudge Brownies4 =4/2 =4/5
      02.01.16HEALTHIER BISCUITS6 =6/6 =6/4
      02.01.16FIBRE ONE4 =4/6 =4/4
      02.01.16Chocolate Fudge Brownies8 =8/6 =8/4
      30.01.16HEALTHIER BISCUITS5 =5/5 =5/6
      30.01.16FIBRE ONE6 =6/5 =6/6
      30.01.16Chocolate Fudge Brownies3 =3/5 =3/3


      In the above example, I want to calculate Index1 and Index2.

      Formula for Index1= Price of the product/Price of the Base Product (HEALTHIER BISCUITS)

      The price of the base product  will change as the time period changes


      Formula for Index2 :  similar to Index1, however only the base product changes from  "HEALTHIER BISCUITS"  to "FIBRE ONE"


      Can someone please help me with this?