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    csv loading problem

    Yang Xu

      Hi, could any one help me with this ,


      1. here are two csv file did not load appropriately.

      For the customer value file --Tableau combined 8 variable together

      For the skuinfo file, the column separation  is also wrong. How can I fix them.


      2. and if that is right , when loading, all the value showing inside the  "  " (double quotation mark)


      3. when I change the format of variable "package size" to number (whole)  all the 1,0000 change into Null

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          Jeff D

          I loaded the files into Tableau Desktop 9.3 and didn't see any problems.  What version of Tableau are you using?

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            Yang Xu

            Thank you for quick response. I am using Tableau 9.3 under Windows system


            I did had those problem


            And now I use NOTE book open the CSV docs and change all " to nothing, change all 'space' to nothing and then change all the ',' to 'space'and then import the data and then now it is fine.



            But with out processing, I could not get right data setting in Tableau.


            Are you using MacBook?







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              Dmitry Chirkov

              I think all you need to do is to change "column separator" to something that matches your data.

              Based on your other question I think your computer has regional setting that are different from what most of us have (decimal and thousand separator, date formats etc.) and Tableau is getting confused.


              You can change separator (and few other attributes) on Data Source tab.

              Your skoinfo.csv looks poorly formatted (lots of extra spaces added to the end of values). Make sure that Text Qualifier is set to " symbol and once you get data in Tableau - TRIM all those values.


              Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 7.15.49 PM.png


              Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 7.16.11 PM.png

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                Yang Xu

                Thank you so much. THe skoinfo.csv is directly from Teradata base and I save it as .csv .

                So are you using Macbook? My computer is IBM thinkpad


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                  Dmitry Chirkov

                  I do have a Macbook but this particular issue is not platform specific.


                  These extra spaces around data (after and, for some columns, before) are not desired but not something you could not clean up.


                  p.s. I wonder if your data in Teradata has spaces in the data (can happen if you are using fixed width datatypes) or it's added during export...


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                    Yang Xu

                    Thank you I will ask my college and let you know later. Thank you!