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    Morgan Strong



      Is there a way to customize filters such that the user has the capability to filter on columns and values?


      In this screenshot, I want to allow the users to choose "Profile Type", "Profile Tpye Other Des..." "Tax Payer ID Type" etc. and then choose the enumeration? I wanted to avoid having too many quick filters on my screen. Is this possible?




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          Tom W

          If it's just FAIL/PASS combinations you're after, you could setup two parameters; one called 'Field' which has a list of the 'columns' in your report. The second could contain PASS, FAIL.


          Then create a calculated field to use as a filter;

          IF [parameter_Field] = 'Profile Type' and [Profile Type] = [parameter_passfail] then 'include'

          elseif [parameter_Field] = 'Tax Payer ID Type' and [Tax Payer ID Type] = [parameter_passfail] then 'include'



          else 'exclude



          Then drag that calculated field onto the filter shelf, set it to include and you'll be all set.

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