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    Web Data Connector and "Invalid Filter Predicate"

    Leslie Foster


      I am posting because I ran into this problem, did not find any other postings on the subject, and probably have found a fix for it.


      I found that when attempting an Extract / Refresh (Incremental) on a datasource backed by a custom, proprietary Web Data Connector, I was receiving a popup with the message "Invalid Filter Predicate".  I found other postings on this message, but they did not seem to fit.


      I cast about for a while, and ultimately had the idea that it was because the "Date" type field I was using for the "tableau.incrementalExtractColumn" was not being interpreted as a date.  I had been, up to then, using the "auto-detect" code that came with one of the example Web Data Connectors.  I checked in Tableau desktop, and found that I had to explicitly mark that column as a date + time.


      So, I have gone back to my Web Data Connector, and forced that column to a type of "date" (so far, I've left the others alone), and that appears to have fixed that particular problem.


      I am now attempting to figure out why the lastRecordToken never makes its way down into my server, so that I do not pump all my data back every time.


      For that, I am employing the "tableau.log" function.


      Good luck to all.