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    Comparing two treemaps by size

    Carolina Hollmann

      I have data on each of our projects. Each project has a contract value and a probability that the contract will be signed.

      I would like to compare the total portfolio value: potential vs probability-adjusted.


      Now I have these two treemaps: potential (bottom) and probability-adjusted (top):

      Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 18.34.18.png

      (they are color coded by department, and shaded by probability category)


      I would like the upper treemap to be smaller proportionally compared to the values in the bottom chart.

      For example, the top left box, because it has a probability of 1, should be the same size in both charts. A project with a 50% probability should be 50% smaller in the top chart compared to the bottom chart.


      Thank you for your ideas and suggestions!

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          Larry Newdorf

          I am pretty new, so I am sorry if I misunderstand your intentions, but you could create a calculated field that computes the probability multiplied by the total value and drop that field into "Size".  It looks like you already are doing this in the lower sheet. 


          Is the problem that the sizes of the two sheets will be the same when displayed? 


          One way to offset this is if you are making a dashboard with both worksheets you might want to figure out the sum of the total probability values (adding up all the values * probability percentage) and then the sum of the total values.  You could set both worksheets to float and then reduce the top worksheet width/length by the sum of the total probability divided by the sum of the total values.  For example if the contract value probability is 67% of the total contract values, you could reduce the height and width by 1/3 for that treemap in the dashboard.


          It wouldn't be exact, and would take some editing on your part but it would have the effect you are looking for.


          Hope this helps!

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            Carolina Hollmann

            Hi Larry,


            Thank you very much for your help. The solution that you proposed works!


            It is not a perfect solution though because the idea is that, when the data changes (new projects in the company or probability changes), that the graphs would be updated automatically, as well of the size of it. This meanthat wth the solution that we have now we would have to calculate the difference between the total of both boxes and then change the size of the box according to this difference manually. There is no way to put a formula into the size tool, only numbers, to our knowledge.


            Anyway thanks again for your help, this solution makes it much better already!

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              Larry Newdorf

              Great!  Glad it helped!  If you find a better way, please let me know.