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    Total Top n as a percent of Total

    Spencer Merrill

      I need to get the total of the Top 5 cities (by sales) as a percent of the total sales.

      I've illustrated my question using the Superstore data.


      I can see top 5 cities, by sales and then by percent of total sales:

      And I can get the total of the top 5 cities by the sum(sales) and the top 5 filter on City, equals $773,506

      I can also get the total sales data by just grabbing total sales, equals $2,297,201


      But now I need to get the percent of the top 5 sales by total sales or 33.67% and show it in the dashboard like this:


      I've attached the workbook, which was created in v9.1.

      Any input on how you can show a Top n Total value as a percent of the Total Value?


      Thank you.