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    Show only 5 bests

    Esteban Mann


      I have this database and I want to make a graph only showing 3 better (by Gain) with a filter by country.



      If I want a graph Gain vs Company

      When I filter Chile, show only company "Una", "Dos" and "Seis"

      When I filter Argentina, show only company "Diez", "Doce" and "Ocho"

      When I filter Colombia, show only company "Treinta", "Quince" and "Ochenta".




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          Michael Hesser

          Hello Esteban...

          I started with a Rank calculation...


          Then filtered by Country and Rank


          In the Rank filter, I chose Range of Value = 1 to 3 (I wasn't sure if you wanted top 3 or top 5)


          I dropped Gain, Country, and MSO on Columns/Rows:


          ...and made sure the Country Filter was visible (with no ALL button)


          Does this work?

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