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    Essbase connection error (EssListAliases)

    Kirill Y


      Trying to connect to Hyperion database (Oracle Essbase), initial connection is ok, I chose Application, then Database, and on this step receive an error - Essbase database error -1: The call to the function EssListAliases failed.

      What could be the reason? May it be security issue?

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          Dmitry Chirkov

          We've seen this issue couple months back but could not reproduce locally and support case went dark. Investigation leaned towards a configuration issue on the database side (unknown which one).


          Are you able to connect with an admin-like account?

          As you probably Google's already: This function requires the caller to have at least read access (ESS_PRIV_READ) to the database, and to have selected it as the active database using EssSetActive().