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    Reporting on multiple levels in a hierarchy on one graph

    Jeff Nicholson


      I am new to Tableau and I am trying to recreate a dashboard that I currently produce in Cognos.

      We have a team Hierarchy that consists of Team, Region, Employee in one table (D_Employee) and a fact table that contains the number of visits that each employee has completed.

      What I want to produce is a trend line showing how the rep, region and team have all performed over time on one line graph, there will eventually be several line graphs showing different customer types for the same period of time.

      I am not sure how to even start with this in Tableau. I think that I will need to use a filter for the team, and then probably some sort of cascading parameter for the region and rep names as I would want the user to select a region, and the list of reps to show just the names for that region.

      This is what the current Cognos version looks like. The red line is the target, the dark blue is the team, dark green is the Region, and the light green is the employee.

      I hope someone has a solution to this as I am completely stuck.