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    Copy/Paste Story Descriptions?

    Michael Hesser

      I'm working with a Story: I'd like to enter multiple "steps" using the description feature.


      Is there a (quick) way to copy and paste and existing description (including all formatting), or do I need to:

      1) Hunker-down and do them all manually?

      2) Copy my dashboards, add annotations, then import into the story? x 3


      I'm using Tableau 9.3


      Thanks all!

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          Ashish Chaudhari

          If you are using sheets as a description object then easy way to do it is create a calculated field and add the description to the sheet. and format and add that sheet on the dashboard or story. If you have many such description boxes, you can duplicate the formatted sheet and create a new calculated field and add in the new sheet. Since its is duplicated you don't need to format the things again and again.


          If you are using text objects then you can't copy paste the text objects but you can define the default setting for the dashboard so when you create new textbox you will get it in formatted way. Go to Dashboard Menu and select format option.



          This will save your lot of time. Let me know if this helps and is it what you are looking for. We can discuss the same in more detail.


          -Ashish Chaudhari

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            Michael Hesser

            Thank you Ashish.

            My issue isn't so much with formatting but with creating multiple text boxes (descriptions).

            I wanted to create 4-5 descriptions per page in a dashboard and didn't want to drag-n-drop description each time. It sure would be easier if I could Copy/Paste!


            Sounds like I'm out of luck?

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              Boopesh Jayabalaji

              you could vote to this idea.


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