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    Building Radial charts using Tableau

    Philip George

      Hi All,


      I was trying to understand the concepts used behind the Radial chart development using Tableau as mentioned in the below link.




      Can someone help me to understand the steps followed in this and also please let me know the mathematical logic and calculations behind the graph.


      I was trying to create the same chart with a different data set. But it is not rendering correctly.


      Please check the attached items for the actual radial chart("Radial chart.twbx") which I am using as a reference and the other workbook("Radial chart_test.twbx") which I am trying to develop.




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          Tom W

          It doesn't look like you've replicated the sample exactly. I'd suggest you run through the steps again and make sure you re-create the Table Calculations in the same way. I'd say something else is missing in your work as well, so just be sure to doublecheck it.


          The easiest thing here would be to create a datasource with the same structure as Bora's example and use the 'replace data source' option.

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            Philip George

            Hi Tom,


            Thanks for the reply.


            I am trying to understand the polygon building logic used by Bora for creating the radial charts instead of just imitating the work.


            if anyone can give some source to refer the concepts then it will be helpful.




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              Tom W

              I won't attempt to explain the specific logic Bora is using, I won't be able to do it justice.

              Personally I'd replicate a new sample then start reverse engineering each of the calculations and table calcs. I see Bora has put a bunch of comments in his X and Y calculations to try help explain the math behind it. To get the level of detail you're after though, you might be best to reach out to Bora.