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    New calculated value together with distinct values

    Salvatore Grasso



      To simply let's consider a simple table like this:


      Region     Visits

      All              570

      America     200

      EMEA        180

      China         95

      Japan         90


      I need to create a new calculated Region called "APAC" that is the sum of China and Japan.

      By the following calculated field I was able to create APAC:

      IF Region='China' OR [Region]='Japan' THEN 'APAC'

      ELSE [Region] END


      This calculated field is related to a parameter that I use to filter the data by Region.

      It works good but the side effect is that I no longer have the distinct China and Japan values.


      How can I mantain China and Japan distinct and at the same time have a new Region (APAC) as sum of them?

      Thanks for your help!