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    How to calculate attach rate on a product?

    Josh Biggs



      Thanks for having a look, I am trying to work out how to calculate an attach rate that we use in my company but having tried window_sum and lookups and table calculations (all perhaps in the wrong way) I am unsure of how to do this.


      I haven't attached a workbook as the data is literally in this table below for the example:


      ProductQtyResultNeeded Formula??
      Product 150000n/aMain prod - Nothing needed
      Product 225000n/a

      Main prod - Nothing needed

      Accessory 155007.3%Accessory for both products - (Accessory 1 / (Prod 1 + Prod 2)
      Accessory 21250025%Accessory for prod 1  (Acc 2 / Prod 1)
      Accessory 3


      76%Accessory for prod 2 (Acc 3 / Prod 2)


      I have managed to make this work but using some calculated fields and a bunch of lookups but that requires everything to be perfectly in the right place so that it looks it up correctly and also I can't make any visulisations from it as requires prod 1 & prod 2 to be present in the data (which I don't want as just want to make a bar chart of the attach rate amongst over things that can be used in different ways)


      Data structure wise, the product field above is one field and the qty is a measure.


      Can anyone point me to the right documentation or just the right formula to look for? I want to learn this stuff so happy to have a read up



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          Steve Burger



          What are the 'rules' governing how accessories are associated with products?


          I think how you define that is going to be key to finding a solution.   I sense that Level of Detail calculations might play a role, but really need more detail.



          Steve Burger

          Tableau Online Deployment Advisor

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            Josh Biggs

            Hi Steve,


            Thanks for looking.


            They are all tech products so most accessories are related to just 1 product so in my particular case there is a streaming media box and a tablet.


            The accessories being:

            RemoteStreaming Box
            StandStreaming Box
            ControllerStreaming Box & Tablet


            This associations won't change so they will only ever be what is written above with just the controller being the awkward one in that it can be used by both the streaming box and tablet and thus has to have an attach rate calculated upon based on the total sales of both in any given time period.


            Was that what you meant?