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    Custom Icon Size

    Amarendra Donthala

      Hello There,


      I am using custom shapes on my visual. I need your help here to understand how do i increase a particular icon size. Is there a way to do this in 9.3 ?



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          Vincent Baumel



          It will depend whether your visual is a dashboard or a worksheet. If the icons are being used as shapes in the worksheet, simply click on "Size" in the Marks card that the shape is being used in. If the shape is being used as a graphic in a dashboard, you may have to adjust the container size.

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            Amarendra Donthala

            Thank you for your reply.


            I am using it in the worksheet. I agree, but when i increase the size in the marks card, all the 6 icons size increase. I want to increase the size on just one particular icon. Is this possible?

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              Vincent Baumel

              Sure! Icons can be sized based on a measure, so you would need to establish a baseline value for the other dimensions and a higher value for the dimension whose icon you want to size up. As an example, the Superstore dataset has 17 values in the "Sub-Category" dimension. If you bring sub-category out to rows, it lists them. Bring it out again onto Shape and it will assign shape icons for them. Say you wanted Furnishings to have an extra big icon - you need to create a calculation field that gives value based on this dimension. I named it "Furnishings Size", and the calculation looked like this: IF [Sub-Category] = "Furnishings" THEN 100 ELSE 5 END


              What this did was establish a much higher value for that particular dimension. If I drag "Furnishings Size" out onto the Size button, it will size the icons according to this measure. My Furnishings icon becomes much bigger now, independent of the others! Adjusting the Size button now keeps that same relative difference between the icons!



              Let me know if this helps. It worked really well when I tested it out.

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                Amarendra Donthala

                Worked Perfectly fine! Thank you!