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    Our India AdVIZture...or my holiday Tableau'ed!

    Simon Runc

      So (what now seems an age ago) I took my annual holiday, and went back (for the 5th time) to my favorite country…India. I was looking for a cool way to share my trip (and hopefully capture some of the amazing-ness that is India!)


      As such I created my holiday, Tableau'ed (or 'Our India AdVIZture'! as I'm calling it....thanks Toby for the cool name!!)


      Advizture Main Picture


      You can play, and download the full workbook from Tableau Public


      btw due to web-object sizing issues (when publishing) if you download it...there is a DT tab, with the right sizing for DeskTop


      If you are interested in how I built it, and some of the design choices I made there is my blog on this here


      Instructions are nice and simple...If you see an icon, click it and it will do something! There is a map of my route, and clicking on the purple circles (the center bit of the Indian flag) will bring up a map, where you can click to see photos of my stay there. There are also some 'camera' icons along the routes, where there are some in-transit shots.


      Hope you enjoy!!