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    Combination of bar charts: cluster bar next to a stacked bar chart

    Lucie Brett



      I wonder if anyone has ever tried to create to combine two types of bar charts in one worksheet? In Excel, it can be tricky and requires a bit of manipulation as to how you organise the data, see example below:

      I have been trying to do this in Tableau but I can't get the side by side bars and standard bars to have a dual axis meaning that I could place the % buckets above onto color showing the stacked bars as above. All I can get to is a combination of stacked bars and something else like circles which lay over the top rather than to the side as above (this would happen in Excel too however I know how to manipulate!).


      If anyone has any thoughts, great! If not, I shall just change the format of the chart or do two for my pack.


      Thanks anyway in advance for everyone's thoughts!