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    Downgrade tableau desktop versions from Tableau 10 (beta 3)

    Ana Yin

      I recently downloaded Tableau 10 (Beta 3) and now all my .twb and .twbx (v9.3) can only be opened with tableau 10 (even those workbooks I did not open / save).


      Then I tried uninstalling Tableau 10 hoping that I can resume using v9.3 per usual. Ended up reinstalling v10 beta 3 in order to open them.


      Did a google search and came across this version conversion tool (again didn't work).



      Does anyone have any ideas regarding how I can keep working with v9.3?

      i.e. what will happen when my beta 3 trial expires? Does it mean I can't access those workbooks at all before v10 is officially released?


      Thanks in advance!